6 easy Ways to de-frizz your hair

This is probably the biggest problem we go through as girls. Trying to tame that frizz can be a hard thing to do especially when you don’t have much time before you head out. It’s actually very simple, when your hair is dry or it is damaged it allows moisture to pass through and the hair swells up. So when you have frizzy hair know that it is either dry or damaged. We can do some things to avoid that frizz. Below are a few steps that you can follow.

1. Make sure that your hair equipment don’t have a very high temperature

With a lower temperature, the hair can be styled perfectly without the frizz and the damage to the cuticle. Bring the temperature down to around 365 degrees Fahrenheit for minimal frizz.

2. Wash your hair less often

This is important because your hair has some natural oils that it needs. If we wash our hair every day, it will rob the hair of the natural moisture making it dull and dry. Make sure that you don’t use too much shampoo and use a shampoo that has fewer chemicals and doesn’t damage your hair

3. Deep condition your hair

If you wash your hair, make sure that you deep condition it afterwards. This is important to prevent that texture from damaging and getting dry and frizzy. Deep conditioning not just provides the nutrients but also adds moisture and de-frizzes the hair.

4. Use sulfate free shampoos

Sulfates just dry the crap out of your strands, which causes hair to soak up the humidity in the air like a sponge. Instead, aim for shampoos that are high in glycerin and sulfate-free. Glycerin coats the hair with moisture from the inside out to block that outdoor moisture from getting in. Win-win! Not just that, try to use products that don’t have any alcohol in them. That will dry your hair too.

5. Use DIY coconut masks

Coconut oil has amazing properties that soften your hair up and give it the bounce. You can add other ingredients that can be found within your house and create a mask. Apply it overnight to soften and smoothen up your hair. It will get that silky shine you want and will automatically de-frizz your hair.

6. Use hair sprays and mascara wand

This is a good hack for those that want a quick remedy from frizzy hair. Use a clean mascara wand and apply hair spray on and apply it to the frizzy areas. When you have a ponytail, it will make it look neat and tidy and reduce the frizzy and untidy hair from the sides.

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