If you want to find out actual solutions for your acne problem you must understand its causes. Knowing its causes can help you remove the problem completely. There are two different facts of the cause: the root causes of acne against the symptomatic causes. Knowing this can help you get clear faster, and stay clear for the long run. This article not only provides us with the causes of acne but also gives us free doctor service. You won’t have to run to a doctor every time you see acne marks or scars on your face. This article will help you with the causes of the breakouts.

Acne :

Acne is a very common skin disease which is caused in the hair follicles if oil or dead skin cells get filled in it. Excess oil production on the skin is a leading cause of acne. The hair follicles are connected by the sebaceous glands which produce oil on the skin. Acne takes place on the chest, forehead (T zone) and mostly all over the face. The follicle wall can bulge forming a white head and blackheads can be formed if bacteria and oil get filled in the pores. They turn brown or black when they get in contact with air. If the hair follicles get inflamed with bacteria they form pimples. These are red spots which have a painful cyst in them.

Hormones called androgens which increase at the time of puberty in children enlarge the sebaceous gland which in turn produces more sebum. So before going to the doctor, know that during puberty acne marks are natural and a part of the entire process. This article, with the information of the causes of acne, provides free doctor service for individuals going through this problem.

Certain medications might have hormones like testosterone which can be a cause of acne. Other medications contain corticosteroids and lithium which can be a cause also. Your diet also has a huge part in the acne marks on your face. Chocolates, carbs, white bread, pasta and chips are known to worsen the acne. Stress is also known to increase acne. Also, keep in mind that you don’t pop the pimples as they increase the marks and scars on the face.

Myths About Acne :

On the other hand, there are some acne myths going around like its link with greasy foods and oil. Greasy foods have very little or almost no effect on acne. However, oil on the face or skin directly can have a negative impact. Acne takes no effect from the dirt on the skin. However, tugging on your skin or using soaps that irritate the face can increase the acne. There are also various myths regarding cosmetics and acne. Foundations and face makeup doesn’t interfere with acne marks unless they spread oil on the face or clog the pores in some way. If you have a good night time skin care routine with a good cleanser, you can save from any damage that may be caused by cosmetics.

Risk Factors Involved In Acne :

Our free doctor service is not over as yet. Lastly, this article will talk about the risk factors involved in acne. Age is one of them; this disorder can affect people of all ages. Genetics play a big part in this skin disease. It can be a leading cause if both parents had acne; you’re likely to develop it, too. Other than that, pressure objects like phones can be a cause. Helmets and tight collars come in this category as well. Stress, as mentioned above, is one of the risk factors. It can’t be a leading cause but it can surely make the already present acne worse.

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