The art of invisible makeup: the minimalist look

The art of invisible makeup: the minimalist look

What is the hardest look to achieve with makeup? If you think it’s the winged eyeliner or an eyeshadow look then you’re wrong. It’s the no makeup look. Makeup is all about looking like your original self but better. Foundation to look like skin and not some extra layer added to your face. All of this falls back to good skin and that will only happen if you have a proper skin care routine and you eat only healthy foods!

However, applying makeup that is minimum and looks good is an art which we will show you how to master below.

  1. Your primer is the key here. This one is supposed to give your skin a kick start and hydrate it for all the steps to come. It plumps up the already present base and makes it stronger for you to work with,
  2. A foundation that is creamy is going to be the best. We need to work with the basic skin more and less with the artificial layers. We don’t want to give it a powdery look. Make SURE that your foundation matches your skin. DON’T, I repeat DON’T use foundations lighter or even darker than your skin tone. Makeup is about enhancing your features and not changing them!
  3. Let’s talk about the blush now. This one is important and can give a fresh and a youthful look if applied perfectly. Make sure you don’t use a pink which is too bright or too dull to be put on the skin. Also, blending is the key step. If you make circles on the apples of your cheeks as someone pinched them really hard, you are doing it really wrong. Use cream blushes that add the tint but a subtle shine also.
  4. For the eyebrows, we won’t go gaga. Enhance your shape by combing through them with an eyebrow brush. Comb through them and make sure you do it in the direction they already are in. Use eyebrow gels that help the eyebrows stay in place and give it a fuller feeling too.
  5. Last but not the least we want our eyelashes to look natural and perfect without thick clumpy mascara on or without those false eyelashes. For that, it is important that you apply castor oil on them before you go to sleep. The basic idea is to enhance the natural beauty and whatever takes us there is the road we are supposed to take. Use your warm eyelash curler and curl your lashes two to three times. Apply a little mascara and let it dry out. Curl your lashes again and walk out with confidence.
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