Five most common skin disorders

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It is the outer shell and therefore has to do a lot and hold up a lot for your inner body. It is constantly coming in contact with dirt and the dust so it needs care. The epidermis is further in contact with the sweat from the gym sessions and stresses which leaves it no choice but to react and this leads to skin conditions. For working women, it is easier to sleep with makeup on after a long tiring day at work but this creates skin problems that they know very little about. This article talks about the five basic skin problems that can be avoided through proper skin care.

  1. Acne Cosmetica

This skin problem comes about because of a few cosmetics and the ingredients used in them. Certain ingredients cause comedone formation which can also be called the blocking of the pores. This is represented by rashes or bumpy pimples. Mild inflammation leads to excessive skin turnover and causes redness due to the comedone condition on the face. It is important to note that it is not just makeup but it’s application, quantity and delivery methods that can cause this problem. Sometimes our brushes aren’t clean. Right makeup in the right amount is the key here!

  1. Sunburn

We have all faced this problem no matter what the time and place it may be. For some people, turning lobster red is the way to go by the exposure to the sun. For some, dark patches develop all over the face. The basic cause is the UV radiation on the skin. However, one can save itself from strategies like using the sunblock every day and making sure one stands away from the sun. A quick fix is the use of vitamin E. It is the solution to almost all skin problems.

  1. Dry skin

This is not just a skin type but a condition that makes your skin look patchy from around the lips and certain areas on the face. This condition is called xerosis cutis in scientific knowledge. This leads to sleep deprivation and rashes on the face. Cracks develop and this may also lead to bleeding. In order to prevent this from happening one must use a moisturizer that suits their skin type and drinks lots of water for hydrated skin.

  1. Dark Circles

All of us have experienced this at least once in our lives. It can be anything, starting from late night gym sessions to late night study sessions. Anything can cause this condition. I am sure none of us wants dark patches under our eyes. It can also be inherited but the wrong diet makes it worse. In order to fix this, our sleep routine should be proper with a balanced diet.

  1. Rosacea

This is an inflammatory disease that causes redness on the face. About fourteen million Americans can credit their redness to this disease. It gives a major blow to the appearance and reduces one’s self-esteem. If untreated, it can get worse. The major solutions for this are drugs but self-care can cure this one to a great extent also. Wear sunscreen and avoid touching your face for better results.

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