Do you know some ways to fight signs of aging on our bodies?

Our bodies are as important as faces and if you want to look young and fresh from the core, try keeping your entire body healthy. If you want to fight the overall signs of aging, we need to take care of the moisture of the entire body. It is possible to have a healthy lifestyle and reduce the damage being done to our bodies and our overall skin. An ample amount of body lotion is just the beginning. There are various other steps that you should take. Some of them are as follows.

Exfoliate at least once a week

Your skin has a buildup of dead skin cells on your body. It causes your skin to look dull and rough. It is important that you exfoliate your body. Use a loofah sponge and rub it gently on your body. You can also use products that exfoliate your dead skin cells while you take a bath. This can have a really good impact on your body health and is one of the major skin care tips to live by. It will also help the moisture to enter the skin cells and stay in there for long. You should also focus on the number of times you exfoliate. Exfoliate just once a week if you don’t want to end up with irritated skin. Below is what a loofag sponge looks like

Do you know some ways to fight signs of aging on our bodies?


Your showering habits matter

If you shower for a long time and enjoy hours in a hot shower you might be doing something really bad to the skin. If you use lots of soap in a hot shower, it will be really harmful to your skin cells and can cause dullness and fine lines to appear. This can cause the skin to breakdown and the skin cells to get damaged.

Your water intake and your diet is key

We can’t stress on this face enough. The amount of water you drink has a lot of effect on your overall skin health. Your skin is your largest organ and it needs the most water. The amount of water you take in has an effect on your skin not just now but years later also. Add water in your daily routine if you don’t want the signs of aging to appear early. You are what you eat! This is fact and your skin is an open proof of that. Eating a well-balanced and a good diet will show up on your skin and will make it healthy and glowing. Eat food that are high in omega-3 as the good fats help skin maintain a healthy barrier and lots of anti-oxidant rich foods (green tea, pomegranate, berries), which can help undo some of the free-radicals that can age skin. Keep this skin care tip in mind next time you order your favorite unhealthy food.

Do you know some ways to fight signs of aging on our bodies?

Exercise and pay attention to what you apply on your face

These aren’t just words or skin care tips; these are lifestyle changes which will help you get a healthier a fitter body from the inside and the outside. Exercise whenever you get time, even some morning walk would suffice. Along with that, don’t put too many chemicals on your face and avoid using products that have preservatives and fragrances.

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