5 Natural Oils One Must Use For Amazing Skin

Natural oils for amazing skin

The idea of putting oil on the face makes everyone run. The idea of adding extra oil on the face makes them think like it’s going to cause more breakouts but that is not really the case. Even for those that naturally have oily skin! The pimple on your face is nothing but dead skin cells and excess sebum on the face. Oil mixes with the oil and helps break up the mess of the zit on the face. This is why oil should be applied on the face. Below are the five oils that you can use for good skin.

Jojoba Oil

This is by far the best face oil we have used. We recommend this for all skin types and the application at night is the best when it comes to this. It is very good for pimples and the zits on the face as this oil mimics the natural oil of the face and breaks the pimple down within days. It works like magic and should definitely be a part of your skin care routine.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

It has some amazing skin loving nutrients. Filled with vitamins A, C and zinc, this oil has sebum oxidation prevention qualities which also then prevents outbreaks on the face. It reduces excess oil from the face therefore; it is great for oily skin. It should also be used if one has blemish prone skin.

Tamanu Oil

This is known for it’s medicinal qualities. It has healing powers and can heal wounds and fight bacteria. This is why it is best for the cleansing of the skin which in turn fights breakouts and blemishes. It also increases cellular regeneration and helps the skin to grow and heal naturally. This provides even skin texture too.

Rosehip Oil

This one is yet another favorite. Many Hollywood stars have accepted that they use this oil and have seen results that were magnificent. This is dry oil that penetrates through the skin and causes the repair of the skin cells. It has fatty acids and helps improve scar tissue. It also helps fight wrinkles and lightens the skin up. So if you have a problem with your sun tan or if you simply want to fight the signs of aging, use this oil for faster results.

Hemp Seed Oil

This one fights against acne and black heads. It also reduces the pores on the face making it fresh looking and beautiful. It increases elasticity of the skin and this magical oil is known to cure certain skin diseases like eczema. A lot of Americans suffer from this skin disease and a natural way to fight against it is through this oil.

All these can also be mixed for better and faster results but can also be used separately. Make different mixtures of the oils and use them before going to sleep. I dare you to not get obsessed!

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