The nude makeup look is moving fast in the world of glamour. Natural makeup look is the new trend to look out in 2019. But have you thought how to make the best nude makeup look? What are the main basic tips that help for the perfect nude makeup look? Blusheee makeup is going to tell every detail to help you out.

Nude makeup is in fashion these days influenced by celebrities as well.

Natural or the least makeup looks are really becoming more common in the world of celebrities. It is even best for girls those who want to look pretty without spending a lot of time just on makeup.


Tips for Nude Makeup look:

Here are some best tips that Blusheee makeup has assembled for you. Don’t forget to follow these tips before going for the nude makeup look.

1.  Foundation:

Before applying any foundation don’t forget to cleanse your face. Always use a deep cleanser that gives deep effect to your face. Use a foundation that matches your skin tone. If you don’t want to use foundation for nude makeup look than use moisturizer that matches your skin color tone. Use beauty blender to blend it all over the face whether it is a foundation or a moisturizer. You can use concealer to hide dark circles and acne spots.

2.  Eyeshadow:

Try to select eyeshadow with a tone that matches your eye skin tone. You can use a light shimmer for an attractive nude makeup look without looking bold.

3.  Eyebrows:

Always use a pencil to give thin look to eyebrows that match the color of your hair.

4.  Mascara:

Curl eyelashes with the eyelash curler. Mascara always gives a more natural look. Try not to apply more coats as it will not give a natural look. For nude makeup look, simple mascara coat is enough.

5.  Blush:

Blush adds a natural look to your skin tone. Try to use peach powder blush along check bones and back to the hairline.

6.  Lip Balm:

For nude makeup, the look doesn’t use lipstick products. Use lip balm or lip oil that will give your lips natural look with the right amount of shine. You can also use matte lip cream.

Choosing right shade according to skin tone:

It is a difficult question for most of the girls that how to choose the right shade according to skin tone? Blusheee makeup will help you out through this. Always follow these tips before choosing the right shade for your skin tone.

If you have fair skin tone select honey shades for your features.

If you have medium skin tone then use caramel hues for your features.

If you have a dark skin tone then use gold shades for your features.


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