How to care for Asian hair

A lot of beauty in Asia depends on the hair. Asian people are known to have thicker hair hence they also need a little more care. They also tend to have frizzy hair hence some anti-frizz products can be applied. All of this can be managed by the use of the right shampoo and other products. We are here to tell you what products you can use to take care of your hair according to the Asian beauty standards.

Some pre-washing tips


It is important that we reduce the amount of hair fall. Almost all of the beauty in Asia is dedicated to the hair (half of it goes to the skin color too!).  The more volume your hair will have the better they will look. For that, you must comb your hair before you take a shower. Fewer tangles will lead to less hair fall after the shower.

It is also advised that you apply a conditioner of your hair type. It is better to read off the ingredients and make sure that there are no synthetic chemicals involved. It is also important that you check the temperature of the water. Whether you believe it or not but hot showers are really bad for your hair (no matter how soothing they may feel!!).  if you want to protect those beautiful, silky strands use lukewarm water instead and add some cold water at the end in order to pack in that moisture. This cold water might seem harsh but is best for that shine we all ask for. You will see a difference very soon.


Check that shampoo bottle

For Asian hair, the biggest problem is frizz and this can be directly linked to the kind of shampoo you use.  Keep a check on the ingredients it contains. Try going for shampoos which has natural oils like coconut oil. Argan oil is also your friend if you have to deal with hair frizz. What thing which is very important here is that the number of times you choose to wash your hair. It is best that you wash your hair two or three times a week and not more than that. This can also depend on the kind of hair you have. If you have really big curls, washing them too much can damage their shape. Try to know more about your hair type before you apply this tip.

Cold oils hot oils

These treatments are important if you want to retain that black natural color you own. Most of the beauty in Asian hair is associated with black natural and long hair. With a lot of wear and tear, your hair might start to lose its elasticity and it might also start looking dull and dry. These treatments can add that moisture and shine you very badly need. Hot oil treatment should be done once or twice every month. You don’t have to rush to a parlor for this, just mix a few of your favorite moisturizing hair oils like coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil or almond oil. Warm up these oils in a jar thrown in hot water. Once they warn, section your hair and start applying them from the scalp all the way till the end of the strands. Leave them on for thirty minutes and tie a silk scarf to retain moisture.

When the hot oil treatment should be done once or twice every month, the cold oil treatment can be done every other day. Just take your favorite hair oil and apply it on the ends of the strands in order to make your hair manageable and healthy looking.

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