How do feather eyebrows work?

Different eyebrows trends are coming with a strong come back in the industry of fashion.  It is obviously having perfect eyebrows define the perfect shape of your face. It is not newly introduced trend but was followed thousands of years back. And now, fashion followed many years before is taking place again in the fashion industry.  Feather eyebrow is a fashion that is made by using simple brows brush to separate every hair of eyebrows. Some girls prefer to dye their eyebrows before creating this look of feather eyebrows.

How to create feather eyebrows?

Blusheee fashion will help you out to create this amazing feather eyebrow look. Follow the given steps to create this look.

You will need

  1. Brow Brush ( Try to use the thin brush)
  2. Pencil ( Pencil color should be according to the color of your eyebrows)

Try to use pencil color that matches with the color of your hair, it will give natural color look more.

First, fill your eyebrows with a pencil as you do normally. Then use a brow brush to brush your eyebrows upside. Before filling your eyebrows mark the spot to where to start and where to end. After this start creating the look of feathers. Use upward motion more by creating the feathered texture. Then take eyebrows to brush to feather your brows.  If you see some gaps then use eyebrows pencil to fill them. For more time look, use gel. This gel will give you a more delicate look.

Things to keep in mind:

Always choose the perfect brows to brush for eyebrows. Your brush should be thin and not thick. Blend perfectly the pencil color that you are using on your brows to give the more natural look. You can use brows brush to blend. Select a pencil color that matches your hair color.

Tattoos of feather eyebrows:


An organic pigment is applied on the outer layer of your brows which remain for about 9-18 months that depends on your skin condition. Before starting with the procedure, the cream will be applied to that particular brow area to make that part numb. Then the person that is completing your procedure will start shaping your brows.  Your color will take time to appear. It may take a maximum of 48 hours. Try not to use oils, toners, and concealers after this procedure for about a week. Try to avoid makeup as well on the surrounding parts of your brows. If you have really sensitive skin then Blusheee fashion suggests not to go for this tattoo procedure. It may cause serious skin disease.

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