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Four steps for teenage skin care

We have all had those years of low self-esteem and hormonal changes being reflected on our face. We have all been there and have gone through it, so if you are in the process it will surely pass. There are, however, a few things you can do to protect your teenage skin from those funny things on your face. If you want to know more, just continue reading!

What really happens?

From the ages of 13 to 19, a lot can happen to your skin due to hormones. Androgens fluctuate which can cause your skin to produce oil which leads to the much cried about acne! Yes, dermatologists have your solution but there are a few things you can do on our own.

In your pre-teen years, the hormones aren’t really bothering your skin much. There will be some blackheads and then that’s it. In your teens, you will notice acne in your T zone and other areas too. Generally, boys have become acne problems than girls in their teens but the girls can have breakouts spread in their lifespan due to their hormonal changes throughout. However, the teenage can be especially bad and below are a few skin care tips to avoid such a problem.

  1. Washing with a gentle cleanser morning and night

As a teenager, your skin will be sensitive so you must check which product you use as a cleanser every day. Most products out there are harsh and can strip off the moisture from the skin, making it dry and adding onto the inflammation. The key word you should look for is salicylic acid. This has the ability of cleansing the skin, lessening breakouts and the redness without any irritation,


  1. Alcohol-free toner

This is usually one of the last steps but is really important. It helps take off the leftover residue of the cleanser from the face and cleans the face properly, thereby reducing chances of acne. The alcohol-free toner will also give instant hydration, preventing the skin from getting excessively dry. Keep this step at the end of the skin care routine especially after cleansing the face.

  1. Your sunblock matters

This might be a little hard to believe but your sunscreen can actually help with acne. You can look for two things, the first being zinc oxide. This is very anti-inflammatory and can work the best for the redness and the skin inflammation. This is also the best for calming those rashes which come along the much-dreaded acne. Your sunblock can also help you fade blemishes and it can even work for skin discoloration. The discoloration is usually red and purple and comes about due to the inflammation of pigment cells in the dermis layer of the skin. This triggers the pigment cells which are shown through discoloration on the skin.

  1. Check the lotions you use

We can’t stress hydration enough but we wouldn’t want you to put a lot of oil on your face. This can lead to the formation of breakouts. Try to use a light moisturizer or a lotion which is water based for your sensitive and young skin. We wouldn’t want to burden it with high oil and low water ratio. This can be really bad for acne.

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