Your food has a lot to with your acne flare ups. What you put on your face and what you choose to eat, both contribute to your skin health and appearance. Keep a check on the foods you eat when your acne is at its peak because they are surely linked. Below is an easy guide you can follow in terms of what to eat and what to leave. Add these habits in your eating routine for healthier and fresh skin.

Foods to eat

  1. Probiotics

This surely wouldn’t be a surprise for those who know the health benefits of probiotics. This is the good bacteria found within your stomach which then contributes a lot to your overall health, especially your skin. This is found in yogurt, you can buy any flavored yogurt of your own liking. It can also be a healthy snack for you. Probiotics aren’t just good for acne! They can also help in other skin related problems like eczema and rosacea. They will reduce the visible signs of aging and can also repair the skin. If you don’t like any probiotic rich foods, you can always get some supplements for yourself.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids

This healthy fat is really good for your skin. It is present in fish oil which helps keep the outer layer of your skin moist and fresh. It also goes deep within to reduce the inflammation, keeping the acne to a minimum. The omega 3 fatty acids will help the body to reduce the excess sebum produced which will automatically unclog pores. This will surely reduce your acne from the main cause! It will also keep the redness and the inflammation minimized.

Foods to avoid

  1. Milk related products

Yes! We are sorry to break this sad news to you, but it is true. It’s time to say goodbye to some ice-creams and milkshakes. Many studies have found a link between dairy which contains milk and severe acne breakouts especially for teenagers. There has not been a cause and an effect relationship as yet but the chances seem pretty high within the research. There can be many reasons why milk shows more acne. Cow’s milk stimulates the liver to produce a substance which can lead to acne issues. Most of the dairy products have milk so it’s best to keep a check on what you consume.

  • Fast foods and Chocolate

This is no surprise! Acne and other skin problems are strongly linked to unhealthy eating habits which obviously include fast food. Many western studies have shown a relationship between fast food and acne, eating fast food rose the chances of acne about seventeen percent. Most of the frozen foods cause hormonal imbalances within young adults which can be a direct cause of skin related problems and acne tops the list of those. Chocolate and other sugary foods can be a major cause as well. It’s generally important to keep a check on your diet to improve your overall health.


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