Simplest Tips And Tricks To Fight Dark Spots

Tips and tricks to fight dark spots

Before going to a party, you applied your foundation but your skin still seems off and not so good looking because of some dark spots. Don’t you simply detest it when that happens? Believe me, until half a month back, we were cruising in almost the same situation too. In any case, we developed a natural remedy for our problem with no side effects.

Dark spots are otherwise called age spots or dark spots. They are stained patches of skin that can show up all over, shoulders, arms, or back and can be in shades of red, dark colored, or dim colored too. These spots show up because of the over secretion of melanin – the substance in charge of the shade of our skin. In spite of the fact that these spots may fluctuate in shade and size, there is one thing they all have in similar– all they bring is misery!

The answer lies in your own kitchen! Below are a few ingredients that you can use for face masks that will help you lightening the dark spots in no time.


This ingredient is available in the kitchen and is the most affective when it comes to lightening the dark spots. It can be used it various ways. It however, needs to be diluted because it contains an acid that should not be directly applied. Either you can add water to it and then apply it or you can add yogurt to it and create a mask out of it. Also if you have sensitive skin, add rose water to it to prevent any allergies. Also, make sure that you use freshly squeezed lemon juice, packaged ones don’t have the same natural essence to it!


I’m sure everyone has this one at home and is most certainly the most loved vegetable! It has skin rejuvenating qualities and enzymes that brighten the skin up. It has starch and sugar that help kill dead skin cells and makes the skin look fresh and young. It has Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C that does wonders to the skin. There are various ways with which one can use this. Cut the slices and apply them to the face directly, you can add lemon juice to potato water and apply it to your face for 20 minutes. Honey can also be used instead of lemon as it is also exceptional for skin brightening.

Aloe Vera

As many people keep talking about this very plant and it’s magical properties, we can’t emphasize on it’s importance enough. Along with fighting with sun tan, this one contains all vitamins that the skin needs. It has anti-aging and nourishing properties that out skin needs daily. There are many ways this can be used: either apply the gel on it’s own or add lemon and sugar and make a scrub out of it. Moreover you can add this in smoothies for glowing skin and overall better health.

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