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Do you know what honey can do to your skin?

Sweet news: honey has all the solutions to your skin problems. You might not believe it before you use it because most people don’t. Honey is a much raved about product within the DIY masks for the skin sector and almost every beauty guru swears by it. We also are of the same opinion and below are a few reasons why we think so:

  1. Natural facial cleanser

Keep your facial cleanser away for a few days and start using honey as an alternative for a week. You will see the difference for yourself. Honey has solutions to most of your skin problems like skin inflammation, redness and also has anti-bacterial properties. It’s safe to call honey a natural cleanser which is really easy on the pocket. If you are tired with your acne, honey can be a solution for you because it has a low pH and most of the bacteria can’t survive in low pH,

  • There goes your moisturizer

Honey has natural moisturizing properties so a little application of honey on the face before you go to sleep can make your face soft, supple and hydrated in the morning. If you have a problem with the stickiness of the product, you can make an easy mask adding honey in rose water. This will help reduce the stickiness at night. You can increase the rose water as per required to create a paste,

  • Say goodbye to your acne bumps

Our research shows us and our experience tells us that honey has healing properties. Your acne bumps and your red spots will almost become invisible in less than a week so continue applying it every night. The best thing about this natural cleanser is that you won’t get any side effects with it due to zero chemicals. You might even get better looking skin in comparison to the one you had with chemical cleansers. You will easily be able to tell the difference yourself,

  • Sun burnt skin

Every Asian person might be tired with this problem. Sun burnt skin and discoloration can be a leading cause of using chemical creams within Asia which damage your skin even further. It’s best that you apply honey based masks and leave skin whitening creams. As honey has healing properties, it will heal the damaged tissue making it able to stand again and healing all the damage caused by the sun and the burns. You can make a mask of honey and aloe Vera gel here,

  • Natural scrub

If scrubs in the market make your face excessively dry, your solution lies with honey. Along with having moisturizing properties, it is also a gentle exfoliator. You can make a face mask including honey and gently rub it on your face every day. Add some oats in honey. You can use half cup oats and a quarter cup honey. Use the same ratio even if you want to decrease the quantity. You can also add a few drops of lavender oil and tea tree oil. Apply it on your face or even your body as a gentle exfoliator.


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