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Check yourself for Ichthyosis Vulgaris

Fish scale disease or ichthyosis vulgaris s a skin condition where the skin does not shed its dead cells and they start accumulating on the skin. The dry dead skin cells start to add up in the patches on the skin making the dead cells look like fish scales. Majority of the cases are mild and cover only certain areas of the body but some cover the entire body and need quick attention. Below are some tips and some signs and symptoms you can follow as the treatment for this skin disease.

Signs and symptoms

  1. Flakey skin,
  2. Itchy skin,
  3. Fish type scales on the skin which might also look like polygons,
  4. Very dry skin which becomes thick and harsh.

The signs and the symptoms depend on the condition of the environment. Cold and dry conditions make the problem worse. The areas where you should look for these symptoms are the elbows and the legs. In severe conditions, it might cause to develop painful cracks on the soles of your feet and elsewhere on the body. This problem can look similar to acne so one should be certain and well aware.


This is a disease which starts right from birth for some and for others it may take a few years. As soon as the child enters early childhood, it disappears and for some, it might never come back and for others, the signs and the symptoms re-emerge. This skin problem is one of the most common inherited skin diseases. Only one parent needs to possess the mutated gene for it to be passed onto the child. This involves the autosomal dominant pattern which is why can be present even at birth. This skin problem can also be associated with other diseases like cancer and kidney problems so it is possible that a child has ichthyosis vulgaris but doesn’t have the dominant gene for it.

Skin disease treatment

This is no specific cure for this problem but with some treatments at home and some remedies, it can be reduced to the maximum. Make sure you exfoliate the dead skin off of your body after you take a bath with a loofa. You can get a loofa sponge easily, online or in the markets. It is also very important that you keep the affected part moisturized with a good lotion. Check the ingredients for propylene glycol or even products like the salicylic acid or lactic acid. These will help you shed off the dead skin cells.

In the winters, the air gets dry which affects the skin so you can have a humidifier to moisten the air and secure it from the harsh environments. Although there is no direct cure you can use some prescription treatments too like retinoids which help in slowing down the production of cells. However, this can have side effects like the swelling of the lips or hair loss. If taken during pregnancy, it can also affect the child so one should be careful with these.


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