Check the hair dye you use!

A survey in UK has shown that women tend to change their hair color more than 150 times in their lifetime and mostly for some, the hair color is a part of the process. Mostly people like to go with the trends and are able to pull it off pretty confidently!

However, some hair colors tend to have a lot of chemicals that take away more than we think and leave our hair looking undernourished and dry. It is important that we stay away from chemicals and make sure that there is a natural way of treating our hair the way they deserve. Some chemicals present in the hair dyes tend to cause diseases like respiratory irritation and even cancer.

The major problem with the chemical hair dyes

The national cancer institute states that over 5000 chemicals are used in the hair dyes and some of them can be a cause of cancer within animals. This is a very alarming situation and needs urgent solution. There have been efforts to stop the problem but most hair dyes still contain the problem ingredients. Below are a few ingredients you should be wary of.
1. Quaternium-15: this is a carcinogen and should be avoided,

2. Alkylphenolethoxylates (APEs): this can disrupt your hormones,

3. Phenylenediamine (PPD): this one has been classified from the EU as a toxic ingredient and is also known as a respiratory irritant.

You should also not forget the hygiene of the hair dressers and the problems which might be transmitted.

Ingredients for your natural hair color

  1. Coffee

If you plan on going darker, coffee can help a lot. Mix cold coffee with a leave-in conditioner and add two table spoons of ground coffee in the mixture. Apply it to clean hair for an hour at least. If apple cider vinegar is used to rinse the color, the color will last longer. You can repeat the process two or three for desired results.

  • Henna

This the most popular natural hair color and is used in many areas across Asia and elsewhere. This is powdered henna leaves which come from the henna plant. If you want a red-orange color, you can go for this. If you want a red tone or some brownish color, you can be a good candidate for henna. You need to be a little careful as this can be more orange than you want. In order to tame the color, add a little chamomile. You can make the mixture for your hair at home by adding one cup of henna in two cups of lemon juice. Add a teaspoon of vinegar to release color and let it thicken for a few hours. Beware as the process can be a little messy.

  • Herbs

Herbs can help a lot and is the best way to color your hair in which ever shade you like. For the red shade try calendula, marigold, rosehips, and hibiscus. Put these flowers in water for a few minutes, strain and apply it on the ends and in the roots. Rosemary, nettle, and sage can be used for your black hair. Repeat the same process and strain them in water. Before you apply it, allow it to sit for an hour. You need to be patient with this one as it might take a few days to show completely. For blonde hair, you can mix chamomile tea with some dark herbs and repeat the same process of application.

It is important to note that all these herbs might need re-application but you will surely be free of those chemical dangers!

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