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Causes And Symptoms of Acne and Blemishes

The most common skincare question that we get asked is ‘why do I get breakouts even after my teenage is long over?’ The answer is not that simple. Not just teenage years, the acne and the breakouts are a problem for those in their 20s and their 30s too. We will try to find out why?

Grown-up breakouts have a tendency to be more occasional and not so frequent. Consequently, it’s ordinary to notice your impeccably clear skin for quite a long time, and then an imperfection shows up all of a sudden. Is it from stress? Is it from not washing your face? Is it eating regimen related? Is it from your filthy phone screen? PMS? The appropriate response isn’t generally simple to discover. Whatever the reason might be, these causes below might help you decide where the problem really lies.

You might be touching your face too often

We don’t really pay attention to this but this has a huge impact on the race condition. If you have an acne problem and it’s worsening, count how many times you touch your face in a day and it shall answer most of your questions. Touching your face causes bacteria to reach your face.

Your diet might be the reason

If you are eating lots of dairy foods, you might want to re-think. If there is a lot of acne on the jawline, chin and on the cheek areas, it might be because you are eating a lot of dairies. Start cutting dairy out of your diet and it’s not that you can’t consume any at all. Stop eating it for 2/3 weeks and start slowing bringing it back in and check your tolerance level for it.

You might be under too much stress

Studies have shown that students have complained of worsened acne at the time of their exam stress or other stressors that have caused them to notice their increased acne. More oil is created by the skin due to increased stress and that leads to greater acne on the face. Make sure you calm yourself down under stress. Nothing is more important than your health!

Your new skin care product can be one reason

Have you added new products to your skin care routine? Did they worsen the acne? Try and stop using them for some time and see the results. If it continues to worsen, there might be some other reason but if it reduces, then you have you answer.

Your hormones can be a reason

Hormones are chemical substances made by our bodies to direct everything from digestion to cell development to regenerative cycles and moods. When they vacillate, they can trigger weight gain, dejection, restlessness, and weariness. They even cause acne and breakouts. A typical indication of hormonal imbalance is a conflicting, sporadic, or even nonexistent month to month cycle for women. You might want to get it checked or leave certain foods that cause hormonal imbalance if you want to fight acne!

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