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Food and Acne


Your food has a lot to with your acne flare ups. What you put on your face and what you choose to eat, both contribute to your skin health and appearance. Keep a check on the foods you eat when your acne is at its peak because they are surely linked. Below is an easy guide you can follow in terms of what to eat and what to leave. Add these habits in your eating routine for healthier and fresh skin.

Foods to eat

  1. Probiotics

This surely wouldn’t be a surprise for those who know the health benefits of probiotics. This is the good bacteria found within your stomach which then contributes a lot to your overall health, especially your skin. This is found in yogurt, you can buy any flavored yogurt of your own liking. It can also be a healthy snack for you. Probiotics aren’t just good for acne! They can also help in other skin related problems like eczema and rosacea. They will reduce the visible signs of aging and can also repair the skin. If you don’t like any probiotic rich foods, you can always get some supplements for yourself.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids

This healthy fat is really good for your skin. It is present in fish oil which helps keep the outer layer of your skin moist and fresh. It also goes deep within to reduce the inflammation, keeping the acne to a minimum. The omega 3 fatty acids will help the body to reduce the excess sebum produced which will automatically unclog pores. This will surely reduce your acne from the main cause! It will also keep the redness and the inflammation minimized.

Foods to avoid

  1. Milk related products

Yes! We are sorry to break this sad news to you, but it is true. It’s time to say goodbye to some ice-creams and milkshakes. Many studies have found a link between dairy which contains milk and severe acne breakouts especially for teenagers. There has not been a cause and an effect relationship as yet but the chances seem pretty high within the research. There can be many reasons why milk shows more acne. Cow’s milk stimulates the liver to produce a substance which can lead to acne issues. Most of the dairy products have milk so it’s best to keep a check on what you consume.

  • Fast foods and Chocolate

This is no surprise! Acne and other skin problems are strongly linked to unhealthy eating habits which obviously include fast food. Many western studies have shown a relationship between fast food and acne, eating fast food rose the chances of acne about seventeen percent. Most of the frozen foods cause hormonal imbalances within young adults which can be a direct cause of skin related problems and acne tops the list of those. Chocolate and other sugary foods can be a major cause as well. It’s generally important to keep a check on your diet to improve your overall health.

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Is it perioral dermatitis?


Do you have red pumps or rashes around your mouth area which aren’t going away and aren’t really wax burns? It can be a skin condition called perioral dermatitis. As the name suggests, it usually occurs around the lips and forms a circle. It can sometimes occur around the nose and the eyes also but that is rare. These are red inflamed patches which can also take place in children. In that case, it is called as childhood perioral dermatitis. This sort of dermatitis can occur more in females than males and is more likely to affect women from the ages of sixteen to forty five.

What will it look like?

Your rash will be scaly or even bumpy. It’s not always going to be right next to the lips but you will see them concentrated in that area. It’s not important for them to be itchy. These bumps can either be red or even of your skin color. If you have a lighter colored skin tone, your bumps will be red. Some people confuse it with acne and eczema but it is usually not that. Your rash can be dry and flakey. For some it can be burning for others, it can be absolutely painless. This depends on what your case is how affected you really are.


In order to completely avoid the problem, we need to focus on what caused it in the first place. There can be many reasons of perioral dermatitis. It can also be an allergic reaction to any sort of skin care which didn’t suit the skin. It is usually due to skin ointments with steroids. These kinds of ointments should be taken for a long time because they aren’t best for the skin and can lead to such problems. Your new skin care item with fragrance could have caused this problem as well. It could also be due to UV rays from the sun or even due to birth control pills and some hormonal changes. It’s important that you check what you are using and what can be the cause of this condition affecting you! If you can’t point it out yourself, check with your doctor.


After you have analyzed the cause, you should start with the treatment. The best way to treat this problem is to stop using heavy makeup, topical steroids and skin care which has fragrance in them. When you will stop using these items on your skin, your perioral dermatitis should go away on its own. It’s best to use topical steroids only if the doctor prescribed them. You can also ask them for an alternative and not use them as much.

As for other treatments, products containing Salicylic Acid can also do the trick. It will help clean pores and take away the harmful substances causing the problem. At home, you can use coconut oil as a good moisturizer. It will help with the bacteria on the skin and also with the dry patches. It has an added benefit of no chemicals and added fragrance. Its best that you keep new skin care products away from your skin until this clears out. If you don’t see a difference even after two or three weeks, you should see a dermatologist.

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Do you know what honey can do to your skin?

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Sweet news: honey has all the solutions to your skin problems. You might not believe it before you use it because most people don’t. Honey is a much raved about product within the DIY masks for the skin sector and almost every beauty guru swears by it. We also are of the same opinion and below are a few reasons why we think so:

  1. Natural facial cleanser

Keep your facial cleanser away for a few days and start using honey as an alternative for a week. You will see the difference for yourself. Honey has solutions to most of your skin problems like skin inflammation, redness and also has anti-bacterial properties. It’s safe to call honey a natural cleanser which is really easy on the pocket. If you are tired with your acne, honey can be a solution for you because it has a low pH and most of the bacteria can’t survive in low pH,

  • There goes your moisturizer

Honey has natural moisturizing properties so a little application of honey on the face before you go to sleep can make your face soft, supple and hydrated in the morning. If you have a problem with the stickiness of the product, you can make an easy mask adding honey in rose water. This will help reduce the stickiness at night. You can increase the rose water as per required to create a paste,

  • Say goodbye to your acne bumps

Our research shows us and our experience tells us that honey has healing properties. Your acne bumps and your red spots will almost become invisible in less than a week so continue applying it every night. The best thing about this natural cleanser is that you won’t get any side effects with it due to zero chemicals. You might even get better looking skin in comparison to the one you had with chemical cleansers. You will easily be able to tell the difference yourself,

  • Sun burnt skin

Every Asian person might be tired with this problem. Sun burnt skin and discoloration can be a leading cause of using chemical creams within Asia which damage your skin even further. It’s best that you apply honey based masks and leave skin whitening creams. As honey has healing properties, it will heal the damaged tissue making it able to stand again and healing all the damage caused by the sun and the burns. You can make a mask of honey and aloe Vera gel here,

  • Natural scrub

If scrubs in the market make your face excessively dry, your solution lies with honey. Along with having moisturizing properties, it is also a gentle exfoliator. You can make a face mask including honey and gently rub it on your face every day. Add some oats in honey. You can use half cup oats and a quarter cup honey. Use the same ratio even if you want to decrease the quantity. You can also add a few drops of lavender oil and tea tree oil. Apply it on your face or even your body as a gentle exfoliator.

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Solution for older skin: Salicylic Acid


Never be shy or embarrassed about your old skin or those wrinkles. If you know how to take care of your skin and you apply all the natural yet effective products, you are good to go. Salicylic acid is known to have amazing benefits on the skin. It is known to be a staple in the skin care routine of many and it can’t just be kept restricted to young skin.  It has benefits various for older skin. Salicylic Acid has a lot of properties which tackle issues like dead skin cells, discoloration and many problems related to acne. According to skin experts Salicylic Acid can also fight against skin diseases and this is needed by all skin ages and types.  Below are a few benefits of this product and how it should be used on older skin.

Skin Diseases

Salicylic acid is known to fight against inflammation which is a part of many skin diseases like eczema. The redness and the inflammation from diseases or sunburns can be reduced through the use of this product.  It should be added in the skin care routine so that the redness can be completely avoided and we can curb some skin diseases altogether.

Skin appearance

Your skin appearance says a lot about how much effort you put into it and how much care you give it. Large pores and really oily skin looks good on no one and this ingredient may have a solution for you. Salicylic acid is known to have reduced large pores having your skin a great appearance! Adding to that, it also takes away the extra oil on the face reducing much more harm to the skin.

Acne and blemishes

So many of us face this problem but can’t seem to get a cure for it. If not acne, we might have discoloration here and there or have dark spots which need treatment. This skin care product can lessen all the spots and can give you an even skin tone. This will add a lot to the general health and the appearance of the skin.

When you will read the ingredients behind an acne topical cream, you will most probably find this product. This makes the acne treatment worthwhile and can reduce the spots left behind by this skin problem. It also helps in cleaning out the pores thereby stopping the aggravation of this disease.  It does that by increasing the circulation which also in turn increases the circulation of dirt and oil and takes it out of the pores leaving them free of the unwanted oil filled up.


With some amazing benefits, it also has some precautionary methods. Below are some of them.

  1. It tends to make the skin dry so try to use a moisturizer which is in accordance to your skin type,
  2. Too much use of salicylic products can lead to the darkness of the skin so it’s better than natural fruit salicylic acid is used,
  3. Consult your specialist of you have a problem or your skin is sensitive.
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The charcoal products you need for skin treatments

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Did you know that there is some damage being done to your skin with your everyday routine? The free radicals present within the environment can cause signs of aging to be shown if proper care isn’t given to the skin. There can also be dirt accumulated in your pores due to the hectic outdoor schedules. Although there are many products available within the market, charcoal products are the best when it comes to taking out the impurities of the skin from the face. It sucks it all up, reducing all the pimples or other skin problems which might be caused by excess dirt.

Charcoal is known to have the power to naturally eject the harmful toxins and it has proven to have performed well in this field from a long time. Below are some products which you can buy if you want to take advantage of the benefits charcoal can provide.

  1. Origins- Active Charcoal mask

If at the end of the day you have to see an oily face and if you are worried about your large pores, we might have a solution for you. This product shall help you with the dirt of the environment and the toxins which can cause many problems for your skin. It can also be helpful with the sebum in your pores. This is a good skin care product for oily skin. It won’t let your pores get clogged and can also take that dullness away. Not just that, by keeping your skin clean it will also keep further breakouts away. You can apply it once or twice a week but be careful with dry skin as it takes away that oil.

  • Garnier -SkinActive Charcoal mask

This pocket friendly product is a purifying tissue mask which has algae in it. It will help take away the harmful substances hidden within your pores making you free from many skin problems. It also has hyaluronic acid with charcoal and algae which will pull out the impurities and make your skin feel soft and hydrated. If you want to see how charcoal masks work for your skin, this can be a good starter for you as it doesn’t cost that much.

  • L`OREAL-Pure Clay Cleanser

This is surely a magic product for all those who need charcoal products in their lives but don’t have the time to create a skin care routine for it. This is a face wash which has the benefits of charcoal so wash your face with this before you head out for your daily routine. It is also advised to wash your face at night with it as the toxins need to be taken out after a long day. Unlike the charcoal masks, this does not dry out your skin and after you apply it, it turns into a light foaming wash. It skin care treatment product can be used and should be used every day.

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Skin Diseases

Five most common skin disorders

Five most common skin disorders

Five most common skin disorders

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It is the outer shell and therefore has to do a lot and hold up a lot for your inner body. It is constantly coming in contact with dirt and the dust so it needs care. The epidermis is further in contact with the sweat from the gym sessions and stresses which leaves it no choice but to react and this leads to skin conditions. For working women, it is easier to sleep with makeup on after a long tiring day at work but this creates skin problems that they know very little about. This article talks about the five basic skin problems that can be avoided through proper skin care.

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Skin Diseases

Be a Skin Cancer Hero


Prevention is better than cure. This is our basic formula for various important skin diseases like cancer. It is important to keep on looking for signs and symptoms and keeping yourself in the loop. Anyone can get skin cancer regardless of their skin color and their race. One in every five Americans suffers from skin cancer and if detected early, it can be treated easily and without causing much damage. We have decided to educate you on how to detect skin cancer and help you keep a check on those around you. This can be a step towards preventing big skin diseases like cancer and also providing easy and free doctor service to those for whom it might not be as readily available.

What will it look like?

In order to detect something, the first most important thing is to know how it looks like. Below are the types of skin cancers and their appearances. This will help you differentiate between a normal mark and a cancerous growth easily.

Actinic Keratosis

Too much exposure to the skin can lead to such cancers and they develop usually after forty years of age. The head, neck and the arms etc. can be a prey of this disease early because of the great exposure to the sun. This cancer usually affects those with fair skin tone and can progress further to a more harmful type hence treatment is important.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

This can happen to both fair skin tones and dark skin tones. In order to identify it look for a flesh-colored patch, a pearl-like pump or a pink patch. The reason for this is also indoor the long exposure from the sun and also indoor tanning. It also occurs mostly in the parts most exposed to the sun like the arms and the head but it can occur in any part of the body like the legs and the buttocks also. This is a dangerous disease which can get into the nerves and the bones causing other major problems like disfigurement.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

It is more likely to be developed in light-skinned people but flesh-colored people can develop it also. It can look like a scaly patch or a red bump. It can also appear as a sore which heals and then reopens. It can affect areas which have the maximum amount of sun exposure, like the neck, the arms, the head and even the small areas on the ears which might be exposed to the sun the most as mentioned in other types of cancers. This type can go deep into the skin and can cause damage but if diagnosed early we can prevent this from happening.


This is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. This is also just a mole which appears suddenly. It is important to know the signs and symptoms of the mole. On part of the mole is significantly different from the other. It is poorly defined with a lack of borders and can vary in color (it can go from red, brown and to black along with many others). If diagnosed on time, this is very highly treatable. It is important that we educate ourselves and those around us in order to prevent and treat such deadly skin diseases.

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Skin Diseases

Polycystic ovary syndrome: signature skin disorders and their effects


Polycystic ovary syndrome :

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a disease common among women and it affects almost 10 per cent of them during their reproductive years. The major effects are related to the skin and the face as hormonal imbalance takes place. So before you rush to a doctor for excess facial hair and worsened acne check out this free doctor service.

It is common among women during their reproductive years but that is not it. The hormones become imbalanced which leads to problems in the ovaries and the effects are shown very evidently on the face. Androgens are present in women too. These are the male hormones which increase during this disorder and it causes hair loss in women from areas where the hair is needed. It is called alopecia and it causes excess hair to grow in areas where hair is not needed for example the face. This problem is called Hirsutism.

Effects Of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome:

Hormones have a big link to acne too. It is known to be one of the leading causes of it. PCOS causes the increase of insulin in the blood and the ovaries release testosterone which causes excess facial hair and acne. The androgens mentioned earlier majorly cause the acne and the increase in insulin worsens it. The high insulin also causes dark patches on the skin, increasing the skin problems.

Whenever these skin symptoms start to appear, instead of rushing to the doctors to get your testosterone level tested. This can be done through the equilibrium dialysis technique. An ultrasound of the uterus can also be done to check the abnormalities present in the thickness of its lining.

The basic free doctor service for this article is present in basic treatments. When they don’t seem to be working for the acne, dark patches and the excess facial hair, normally that indicates that the person is suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. PCOS usually differs for a lot of people. The cases are different so each patient needs a close look and proper diagnosis followed by a good treatment.

For diabetes, Metformin is prescribed by doctors but it can’t be used in every case. Try to avoid foods which are high in carbs like white breads, trans fat, dairy and hormone disruptors in order to avoid the effects of acne and excess facial hair. It is also advised by our free doctor service to lose from 5 to 10 percent of the weight as they will restore insulin sensitivity and reduce the male androgens in the body. There is also an anti-androgen therapy focusing on improving the situation of excess facial hair called Hirsutism. Spironalactone (Aldactone), Cyproterone acetage, Flutamide (Eulexin), and Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar) are present within the treatment for faster and better results. There are some temporary solutions also which will help fight the diseases and which will also in turn reduce the skin conditions. Involve physical activity within your routine with a healthy diet. Stress management exercises can also have positive changes. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a means of naturally and effectively complementing diet and lifestyle modifications towards reversing PCOS, as well as minimizing metabolic disease potential. All these treatments are well used and well known but which one suits you best should be prescribed by a medical doctor.

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Skin Diseases

Hyper pigmentation symptoms, causes and treatment

Hyper pigmentation

What Is Pigmentation?

Pigmentation implies colouring of the skin. Skin pigmentation issue influences the colour of your skin. It can be only patches or the whole body, depends upon the situation one is facing. The colour of your skin is brought by a pigment in the skin called melanin. Some unique cells in the skin make melanin. If these special cells get damaged or are harmed, it affects the production of the pigment. Some pigmentation issue influence just parts of the skin. Others influence your whole body.

The cause of this skin disorder called hyperpigmentation is that under certain areas of the skin, melanin is over-produced. This causes black or brown spots to be formed there. These are flat patches which are darkened. Their shape and size can vary according to the pigment under the skin. There are many types of hyperpigmentation. One is the age spots that occur due to the exposure of the sun and the age factor. They are small dark patches on the arms, face or other parts of the body. The other type known as Melasma has big dark patches caused during pregnancy or hormonal imbalance. About ninety per cent of women have Melasma during the time of their pregnancy.

Hyperpigmentation :

Hyperpigmentation has various other causes also. They can be a side effect of some disease like gastrointestinal diseases, metabolic disorders and certain vitamin deficiencies. Certain treatments can also cause hyperpigmentation like drug therapy, chemotherapy and certain antimalarial treatments. Henna tattoos and other tattoos can cause contact dermatitis which leads to hyperpigmentation.


Some people are at a greater risk of hyperpigmentation than others. This can be due to their job occupation or their style and location of work. Engineers working outside or people that have field work have greater exposure of the sun which can cause hyperpigmentation. Although the sunblock can block some of the harmful rays from the sun, it can still cause some damage if the sun is exposed to the sun too much.

Hyperpigmentation is more prevalent among women with darker skin tones and tends to cover their skin up at the time of pregnancy. It happens to such an extent that it is called the mask of the pregnant women.

As mentioned earlier, female hormones like estrogen and progesterone cause the increase of melanin and it leads to the change in the skin tone. This is called hormonal imbalance in women and is a major cause of hyperpigmentation. Lastly, the number one cause is harmful rays from the sun. Melanin is a protection from the sun for the skin and the sun triggers the production of melanin. However, too much melanin can disrupt the process and can create dark patches on the skin instead of making it tan.

Hyperpigmentation is common among Asian skin tones and is a leading cause of insecurity among women. They tend to hide it with cosmetic products like colour correctors and concealers. The orange colour corrector is used for hyperpigmentation in women during makeup. It sits under the foundation making the skin even toned. Hyperpigmentation is known to increase after inflammatory skin conditions.

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The different causes of acne


If you want to find out actual solutions for your acne problem you must understand its causes. Knowing its causes can help you remove the problem completely. There are two different facts of the cause: the root causes of acne against the symptomatic causes. Knowing this can help you get clear faster, and stay clear for the long run. This article not only provides us with the causes of acne but also gives us free doctor service. You won’t have to run to a doctor every time you see acne marks or scars on your face. This article will help you with the causes of the breakouts.

Acne :

Acne is a very common skin disease which is caused in the hair follicles if oil or dead skin cells get filled in it. Excess oil production on the skin is a leading cause of acne. The hair follicles are connected by the sebaceous glands which produce oil on the skin. Acne takes place on the chest, forehead (T zone) and mostly all over the face. The follicle wall can bulge forming a white head and blackheads can be formed if bacteria and oil get filled in the pores. They turn brown or black when they get in contact with air. If the hair follicles get inflamed with bacteria they form pimples. These are red spots which have a painful cyst in them.

Hormones called androgens which increase at the time of puberty in children enlarge the sebaceous gland which in turn produces more sebum. So before going to the doctor, know that during puberty acne marks are natural and a part of the entire process. This article, with the information of the causes of acne, provides free doctor service for individuals going through this problem.

Certain medications might have hormones like testosterone which can be a cause of acne. Other medications contain corticosteroids and lithium which can be a cause also. Your diet also has a huge part in the acne marks on your face. Chocolates, carbs, white bread, pasta and chips are known to worsen the acne. Stress is also known to increase acne. Also, keep in mind that you don’t pop the pimples as they increase the marks and scars on the face.

Myths About Acne :

On the other hand, there are some acne myths going around like its link with greasy foods and oil. Greasy foods have very little or almost no effect on acne. However, oil on the face or skin directly can have a negative impact. Acne takes no effect from the dirt on the skin. However, tugging on your skin or using soaps that irritate the face can increase the acne. There are also various myths regarding cosmetics and acne. Foundations and face makeup doesn’t interfere with acne marks unless they spread oil on the face or clog the pores in some way. If you have a good night time skin care routine with a good cleanser, you can save from any damage that may be caused by cosmetics.

Risk Factors Involved In Acne :

Our free doctor service is not over as yet. Lastly, this article will talk about the risk factors involved in acne. Age is one of them; this disorder can affect people of all ages. Genetics play a big part in this skin disease. It can be a leading cause if both parents had acne; you’re likely to develop it, too. Other than that, pressure objects like phones can be a cause. Helmets and tight collars come in this category as well. Stress, as mentioned above, is one of the risk factors. It can’t be a leading cause but it can surely make the already present acne worse.

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Causes And Symptoms of Acne and Blemishes

Causes of Acne and Blemishes

The most common skincare question that we get asked is ‘why do I get breakouts even after my teenage is long over?’ The answer is not that simple. Not just teenage years, the acne and the breakouts are a problem for those in their 20s and their 30s too. We will try to find out why?

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