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Looking for Best Lips Products by Milk Makeup?


Milk Makeup is its place rapidly in the beautiful town. They have launched best makeup. Foundations, eye kits, eye markers, makeup brushes they have best things launched with them. Similarly, Milk Makeup is also known for its best lips products with a wide range of colors. Blusheee Makeup will tell you best lips products that you can use in daily life and as well for the event look.

Most Famous Lip Product of Milk Makeup:


These lip pigments by Milk Makeup is the most famous product. These three are so pigmented and with amazing and energetic colors that you will love to wear. Most amazing thing is that these lip pigments can be used for cheeks as well. These lip pigments are available in three colors. One is bold red, other is bright pink and the third one is present in soft nude color which lasts all day long with a fresh look.  If you already have dry and damaged lips then don’t forget to apply lip moisturizer before applying these lip pigments.

Some other Lip Products by Milk Makeup:

Blusheee Makeup has assembled some other lips glosses and lipsticks that you should use once. You will surely find them glamorous.

1.    Milk Makeup Demi Matte Lipstick:

This amazing lipstick by Milk Makeup is pigmented and made with shea butter, coconut oil, and grapefruit peel oil to make your lips smooth. It has further amazing and vibrant 12 colors that you will love to wear even for the major events. It stays on your lips for a long time.

2.    Milk Makeup Holographic Lip Gloss:


This amazing lip gloss by Milk Makeup works as hydration and keep your lips hydrated. It is made with avocado oil, coconut oil, and mango butter. It gives your lips natural look with soft and smooth shine. It has 2 colors holographic golden peach and holographic lavender. These glosses give natural look more.

Got Dry and Damage lips?


Now don’t worry if you have dry and damaged lips because Milk Makeup has introduced “Oil Lip Stain” that not only gives your lips smooth look but makes your lips look pink and natural shine. This oil lip stain is made with several nourishing oils including with Vitamin E for moisturizing of your lips. To use this oil lip stain first squeeze the tube and apply on your complete lips to get complete natural shade on your lips.

If you don’t want to use this oil lip stain then Blusheee Makeup will tell you about the two cannabis oil lip products that are the latest products from milk makeup. These two lip care products are Kush Lip Glaze and Kush Lip Balm. They will surely give you the best result for your damaged lips.

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Your perfect party season beauty kit

Your perfect party season beauty kit

Nowadays every season is the party season. Almost every other day, there is a party that we have to attend. A get-together that we have to go to or a function we have to mark our attendance at. All of this requires the perfect beauty kit that shall fulfill our requirements for the party season. Get all your glitter products out and let your highlighters shine on your skin for the party season. Below are a few things that you can add to your party season beauty kit.

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Combs and Brushes: Picking The Right Tools For Your Hair

Combs and Brushes: Picking The Right Tools For Your Hair

We spend so much time in choosing the perfect lipstick for the perfect look; we try on different shades just to check which one will look the best in pictures. Have we given that amount of thought to our brushes when they are surely more important and can do a lot to the hair. Sure, we reach for the tool once we step out of the shower or when we have serious bedhead without second-guessing it, but when it comes to having good hair days, the actual brush you’re using can make all the difference. Choosing the right hair brush or the right comb for your hair is very important for the health of the strands. If you want to know what hair brush or comb is best for you, continue reading.

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How to take care of your skin and makeup in the summers?

How to take care of your skin and makeup in the summers

Summers can be tough when it comes to skin and makeup. Your face can turn oily and it can cause acne on your skin if not treated properly. The UV rays can cause your skin to tan and is a big reason for skin cancer. Not just that, you need to last your makeup all day in the summers and that can be a tedious task. Below are a few tips and tricks that you can follow in order to take care of your skin and makeup in the summers:

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4 Ways Of Putting On Eyeliner you must know

Different Ways Of Putting On Eyeliner

Talking about a multitasking makeup item — eyeliner can give (at least five) altogether multiple looks that you can flaunt on different occasions. Putting on simple eyeliner can do a lot for the liveliness of the face and suddenly uplifts the entire look. You don’t have to do much if you have put on eyeliner. Eyeliner is unquestionably a makeup item you can do a lot with and we will show you how. If you are interested, continue reading!</[>

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Perfect Eye Shadow Guide For Your Skin Tone

Perfect Eye shadow Guide for Your Skin tone

You might think that bright eye shadow shades like yellows and reds don’t look so good on your skin tone but on some, it looks tremendous! Different skin tones carry different shades better and you must know which ones are those if you want to create an eye look that suits you best and goes well with your features. No need to throw away the edgy and bright shades. Follow through for the perfect eye shadow guide.

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