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Looking for BH Cosmetics Lip Glosses in best rates?


BH Cosmetics is well known in the makeup industry due to its low prices with high and amazing quality. BH Cosmetics took place in makeup industry in 2009. Have you ever tried products by BH Cosmetics? BH Cosmetics produce all kind of makeup, eyeshadows, face foundations, blush kits, brushes kits and every product produced by them is amazing. Blusheee makeup will tell you about Lip Glosses by this amazing company BH Cosmetics.

BH Cosmetics is especially known for its bold colors and its glosses, lipsticks, lip creams, never disappoint. Each and every color is amazing and makes your makeup look more elegant and amazing. Lipsticks, lip glosses and lip creams produced by them are long-lasting and have amazing fragrances. Let’s have a look at some of their amazing glosses.

BH Cosmetics Lip Glosses:

Blusheee makeup has assembled some of the best glosses by BH Cosmetics that can be used for the special event, every day look and even for a casual look. Just use them and you will get completely in love with these amazing glosses.

1.    BH Liquid Lipstick:

This BH liquid lipstick is long lasting that gives your lips more glamorous look. Keep your lips hydrated and wet. It will not harm your lips as it contains Vitamin E for the protection for your lips. It has more than 1 shade. It has amazing shades like the daisy, serene, Chrissy and many more.

2.    BH Metallic Liquid Lipstick:

This amazing metallic lipstick is famous for the unique metallic finish it gives to your lips. This amazing gloss is long lasting. It has 8 shades more with best and vibrant colors. It also contains Vitamin E for the protection of your lips.

3.    BH Cosmetics Waterproof Lip Liner:

Most of the girls out there want to buy lip products that don’t clean out with a single drop of water. For them, this amazing waterproof lip liner is produced which contains Vitamin E and jojoba seed oil. It has amazing colors. It enhances the lip line.

4.    BH Cosmetics Rosey Raye Gloss:

This amazing lip gloss is creamy with a nude shade. It gives amazing shine. It’s perfect for the everyday glamorous look. It’s suitable for every kind of skin tone.

Want to buy with best rates?

BH Cosmetics have already the best rates but the most amazing thing is they have deals available every time that helps you buy their products in even more cheaper rates. Just check their site every day. Their deals are available at cheaper rates. Their delivery service is best as well. Its great option for everyone who has a tight budget or cannot afford they can wait for these amazing deals.

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Anastasia Eye shadow Palette

Anastasia Eye shadow Palette

Anastasia Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette



This palette is considered to be one of the most famous palettes in the makeup and the beauty industry. It has 14 shades that are a mix of neutrals and warm tones. It has pops of red and even brown or neutral tones which are perfect for both every day and a party look. It has no problems with blending and can be applied to bare skin too. However, a primer is advised because it makes the eyeshadow last longer and brings out the colour more.

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2 Olay Products everyone must use

Olay Product Review

Olay Refreshing Facial Cleansing face wash Gel 150ml


If you want the good and clear skin, you must start with a good cleanser. For women that apply some makeup every day, they must use a cleanser to remove that from the pores and from the skin completely. This product not just washes your face but cleanses it from the excess dirt and the makeup.

Olay Refreshing Facial Cleansing Gel washes down, sanitizes and strengthens for a firm skin feeling. Nothing says refreshment better than this product. It cleans it down from the pores making the skin baby soft and smooth. This skin chemical lifts away dirt and make-up. As a result, your skin feels new, clean and beautiful. Olay is about excellence, all around the world. Attempt this invigorating facial purifying gel for a new beginning to your healthy skin schedule.

You can use this when you want to take off your makeup after a long and a tiring day. Wet face and neck then massage product gently over skin. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and gently pat dry. Use morning and evening. It has various products that moisturize the skin for example glycerin and others that clean the pores deep down.

Olay Regenerist Skin  Perfecting Cleansing cream 


If you are starting off with the ageing regime, this is the best product for you. It has exfoliating properties so it will scrub your skin and leave no dead skin cells on your face. It has no extra chemicals and is fragrance-free. That is a plus sign for all those who want to use good skin care products. It has a lathering micro-bead formula that scrapes off the dead skin cells helping you look alive and fresh like never before. This brand is pocket-friendly so it won’t cost you as much too. After using this, your skin is immediately cleansed and refreshed, leaving it smooth and primed for your anti-ageing regime.

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How to take care of the under eyes

How to take care of the under eyes

The under eyes are the most delicate and the most sensitive part of the face. This is the area where the wrinkles start appearing and this is the area which needs the most care and attention. Any sort of tugging or pulling will sag the skin and make it age early. It will also create dark circles under the eyes if we don’t take care of them. Below are a few tips and tricks that will help you take care of the area.

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