The five must have beauty gadgets in your bag

The five must-have beauty things in your bag

Regardless of how you spend your day and time, there are a few things a woman must carry in her bag. Not just for touch ups but for a little change in the look too as the day proceeds. These weapons save you from embarrassment and are perfect for quick little preparations. From professional meetings to fun parties, this article has got you covered!

  1. Lip Balm

All of us hate those chapped lips. With the change in weather and the rise in the surrounding temperature one should increase the intake of water but with that, the application of proper creams and lip balms is also imperative. This is a staple beauty product. Little girls carry this around as the only ‘makeup’ product in their small purses. Regardless of the weather, this product is to be carried around all year round to save us from dry flakey lips.

  1. Sunblock

It is said that the sings of ageing start to appear when you enter in your twenties. That is very true. Something that can save us from that is an SPF or a sunblock. This item can and should be applied throughout the day to prevent the rays of the sun from damaging our skin. It would also fight wrinkles and minimize suntan. Whether it’s summer or winter, a sunblock is something that you should carry with you always.

  1. Pressed powder

No need to reapply your foundation during the day. In order to keep your makeup in place setting powder or a pressed powder should be your go-to item. Apply it on the bridge of your nose and on the entire T zone which might get oily or where your foundation might not settle. This will give a fresh look throughout the day and you won’t need to carry a ton of face makeup products too!

  1. A small perfume

Even if you bathed yourself in your favourite perfume before leaving the house, by the mid of the day you won’t smell anything like it. For that, you must carry a small perfume with yourself. Make sure you apply it to the areas where the smell stays. These are the wrists, the back of your ears and the back of your knees. This helps you stay fresh the entire day. When you smell good, you feel good!

  1. A Water Bottle

As cliché as this may sound, a water bottle is very important for your day. This helps with your water intake which in turn keeps your skin fresh and your body weight maintained. Who doesn’t want to look fresh and young for the longest time? The only thing that might help you in that is your water intake. About two litres of water should be your actual target and carrying a water bottle would help in that.

A woman’s bag is a treasure trove. You can almost find anything and everything in it. The right beauty products can make your day ten times more productive for your overall wellbeing!

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