Be aware and shine through ovarian cancer!

Ovarian cancer goes undetected in many women due to the symptoms it has. Any woman goes through a burning backache and bloating when she is pregnant or other monthly issues. As the symptoms are the same, the cancer is not detected and comes as a shock to patients. Suddenly, they have to go through processes they know nothing of. This places a lot of pressure on the affected individual. We have brought some key points that you need to be wary of so that you can be aware of this silent killer and save yourself and others around you!

  1. Age is not a factor

This is probably the biggest misconception. Our research shows that girls of 20 years of age have also gone through this problem so don’t let this get you confused. According to our research girls have been misdiagnosed at the age of twenty but later treated well. The problem is not in the treatments but in the diagnosis so make sure you don’t get confused,

  • Keep your research

It’s not important that your doctors see everything through. It is possible that your ultrasound doesn’t show something alarming but you need to be keep track of your pains and the times they affect you. If it is persistent, insist your doctors to check again. Don’t let it go just because someone else is saying so, make yourself satisfied with the entire situation because even doctors can make mistakes,

  • Check on your bloating

Your bloating might be due to your eating habits but there can be other reasons for it and it might even be a sign of ovarian cancer. Liquid called ascites gets stuck in the abdominal section. This is a silent sign as most people confuse it to other diseases like that of the digestive system. It’s important to stay aware so that you can differentiate well and fight this problem,

  • Some odd signs

Strong pains in the abdominal area are not normal and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If the pain is persistent, it is either a sign of ovarian cancer or an ovarian cyst. Both of these matters needed to be consulted with the doctor immediately. There are other problems like oddly feeling full soon after eating. This is also a sign you should keep into considerationwith the chronic pain. You might also go through urinary problems and might have to use the restroom more than others. This is because of the extra fluid which also causes bloating. If you have all these signs together, you need to see a doctor,

  • Fight it through

We have come across cases where women have gotten all of their female parts removed along with some of their digestive system. They didn’t give up and all of them had one thing in common: they fought through and went by their goals. Keep your goals set and focus on getting back to your normal routine. Befriend your yoga mat and reach your standards despite all odds, your disease will surely lose,


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