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Prevention is better than cure. This is our basic formula for various important skin diseases like cancer. It is important to keep on looking for signs and symptoms and keeping yourself in the loop. Anyone can get skin cancer regardless of their skin color and their race. One in every five Americans suffers from skin cancer and if detected early, it can be treated easily and without causing much damage. We have decided to educate you on how to detect skin cancer and help you keep a check on those around you. This can be a step towards preventing big skin diseases like cancer and also providing easy and free doctor service to those for whom it might not be as readily available.

What will it look like?

In order to detect something, the first most important thing is to know how it looks like. Below are the types of skin cancers and their appearances. This will help you differentiate between a normal mark and a cancerous growth easily.

Actinic Keratosis

Too much exposure to the skin can lead to such cancers and they develop usually after forty years of age. The head, neck and the arms etc. can be a prey of this disease early because of the great exposure to the sun. This cancer usually affects those with fair skin tone and can progress further to a more harmful type hence treatment is important.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

This can happen to both fair skin tones and dark skin tones. In order to identify it look for a flesh-colored patch, a pearl-like pump or a pink patch. The reason for this is also indoor the long exposure from the sun and also indoor tanning. It also occurs mostly in the parts most exposed to the sun like the arms and the head but it can occur in any part of the body like the legs and the buttocks also. This is a dangerous disease which can get into the nerves and the bones causing other major problems like disfigurement.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

It is more likely to be developed in light-skinned people but flesh-colored people can develop it also. It can look like a scaly patch or a red bump. It can also appear as a sore which heals and then reopens. It can affect areas which have the maximum amount of sun exposure, like the neck, the arms, the head and even the small areas on the ears which might be exposed to the sun the most as mentioned in other types of cancers. This type can go deep into the skin and can cause damage but if diagnosed early we can prevent this from happening.


This is the most dangerous type of skin cancer. This is also just a mole which appears suddenly. It is important to know the signs and symptoms of the mole. On part of the mole is significantly different from the other. It is poorly defined with a lack of borders and can vary in color (it can go from red, brown and to black along with many others). If diagnosed on time, this is very highly treatable. It is important that we educate ourselves and those around us in order to prevent and treat such deadly skin diseases.

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