All You Need To Know About The Perfect Manicure At Home

I am sure all of us want those perfect looking nails after that hard day at work. We get it, it is hard to go to the salon every week or to spend that money every week (these trips to the salons can be expensive). If you want to save time and money on manicures, you’ll need our essential steps for a DIY manicure at home—for a fraction of the cost!

The Perfect Manicure at Home

Essential tools needed

Nail polish remover
Cotton pads
Nail buffer
Nail polish
Cuticle Remover

Remove already applied nail polish

Thinking about whether to buy a remover with acetone or not is the real question here.

When you are at the drugstore and pondering which sort of nail polish remover to purchase, remember this: non-acetone nail clean removers are gentler than acetone based ones BUT the acetone based remover will work far quicker and be in contact with the skin for a shorter time frame than the non-acetone based removers. It’s still not that important of a deal because non-acetone based ones aren’t that nice to the skin too. After you have decided which ones to buy, use it well and take off that nail colour you had applied earlier.

Shape your nails

A square or a typically round shape is the most ideal approach however you can be as imaginative as you need to be.

Make sure you don’t use hard objects or harsh metal. Rather, pick a delicately grating emery board or precious stone nail file. Smooth the sides and the tops with a buffer so that the nail colour goes on well enough and the coats look fine. However, make sure that the surface is not that smooth because that would mean that the nail colour will slide off at the moment.

Soak them up

Add warm water in a bowl and add shampoo in it. Soak your hands in it for 2 or 3 minutes. Avoid over-soaking your nails because they might get damaged.

Apply cuticle remover and remove excess cuticle from around the nails

Apply cuticle remover to soften the edges and remove excess cuticle. Gently push the cuticle away but not too far as it protects the nail naturally. Do not pull, lift, tear or move the cuticle too far. This might hurt you.

Prepare the nails for the nail polish

Apply a moisturizer on your hands and your nails. Make sure that it has a silky and a rich formula. Use any cream or any oil for your hands. Before the application of your nail polish, make sure that there isn’t any oily residue on your nails. Use a nail polish remover once again to make sure nothing is left behind.

Paint your nails in layers

Apply your favourite nail colour in coats and let each coat dry out before the application of the next one. Add a top coat with a shine for that extra radiance and you are done!

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