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All you need to know about the combination skin type

If you have combination skin you might feel like your skin has some split personality issues. You must in fact know what the T zone area means. Your skin might have oily patches with large pores on the forehead, nose, and chin, and dry and sometimes it might even be flaky on the cheeks and under the eyes. This is not normal for most people but this is what combination skin is all about. Sometimes, the moisturizer will be too moisturizing and toner might suck up all the oils from your face. Below are the signs of knowing if your skin is the combination skin type and all the solutions for it.

All you need to know about the combination skin typeo

Knowing if your skin is the combination type

  1. When you use a moisturizer the t zone area looks very oily but the cheeks look perfectly okay
  2. After washing your face you feel like certain parts are oily while others are really dry
  3. The pores are larger on your nose than the one on your jaw-line. This indicates that the oil is spread on the t zone more than the other areas
  4. You have oily breakouts on some parts of your face but some patches on your face feel extremely dry too,
  5. The weather has a lot to do with your skin and it’s condition
  6. Your dandruff can be a huge indicator of this but dandruff can mean other things too. It is common for the combination skin type to have dry and flaky patches too.



  • Use a moisturizer that mattifys your skin and has hydrating factors too. There are certain ingredients that make the skin feel hydrated like glycerin and hyaluronic acid without making it feel oily. Try and use that if you have the first problem on the list. Read the ingredients before buying the product
  •  In the morning, wash your entire face with a gentle cleanser, like Cetaphil Skin Cleanser. Then go over only the T-zone with a Clarisonic cleansing brush. The physical motion is enough to remove the dead skin and debris. At night, wash your face with the same mild cleanser and use the brush again only if your T-zone is very oily. These are just examples of products but you can go with any cleanser which doesn’t clog your pores and a brush that takes off dead skin. Both of these steps are important as your skin shows two kinds of problems at once,
  •  There can be no definite solution of removing the pores from the face but you can make them look shorter. Use products that contain retinol, alpha hydroxy acid, or beta hydroxy acid. These acids are good for pore reduction. Their size will be reduced
  •  As you have combination skin, different breakouts will have different reasons but you must fight them all. Use oil-absorbing clay mask within your t zone and a moisturizing mask on the rest of the face to avoid all breakouts.
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